Technology and Development


Ho-0 aims to move forward the ideas of some for the technology of many. We aim to bring new ideas to light and make the vision become a reality and assist the change process of a business or an idea to click over to a new way of looking at things and in this a new developmental technology.

Ho-O is a company keen on the engineering of Holographics and retail Holographics.

From 2012 I wanted Ho-O to shift gears and transform this space into more visual tactile technologies and haptics.We want to help create at first exciting retail experiences for shoppers and customers by using holograms that you can see, touch and communicate with in engaging new ways. We want to create the Ho-O Do `the Pheonix room` a space fully Holographic and tactile.

By 2020 the estimated spend of Augmented reality will be 120Billion dollars. Facebooks founder Mark Zuckerberg has already invested 2billion dollars in augmented reality tech.The next step is real Haptics and tactile room Holographics.

We have begun seeking partners and planetarium groups with a major Japanese Holographic technologist to begin looking into the design and engineering of a full scale dark room environment of projecting tactile holographics like the Prometheus movie scenes of the Holographic star navigation systems.

We want to raise funds to develop at first a complete planetarium full scale dark room Holographic tactile system of our solar space with tactile interactive information and control and rotation with audio. Funds raised will go towards supplies, design, facilities, staff, resources, and the technologies. This money will continue to develop and move out of the first phase from this test planetarium Holographic space system to extended areas and other applications.

We feel that humans still remains more open in all their senses to need of interaction and touch.


In the longer term future Ho-0 would like to create complete retail Holographic experiences connecting technologies into robotics, gaming, medical, transport, automobile, and into homes and businesses without using goggle or glass wearables. We would like for the Ho-O Do experience to be the future of retail experiences and a place of real transformation in many fields and industries.

We are looking to raise these funds and with you be the next step revolution to happen in technology and a link in a chain of events to the betterment of human pioneering and development.Please join us as a voyagers and pioneers.