The world is changing, volatile and rapidly shrinking and our sensitivities are more connected than anytime before in history. A social media community and real time video add to our concerns for what is happening and the directions to take and what are the real issues.

A continued Global Terrorist threat and ISIS raising the concerns of war and a larger presence of forces in the Middle East of decades of poor international foreign policies in this region. This is paired with the continued European issues, economic, political, and the refugee crisis that is placing pressures on European countries many of whom have internal domestic concerns, in turn effects a world economy as we attempt to deal with this large human movement and its tie to our fears. Fear in the Environment and, heavy chemicalization, raising water levels, global warming, melting ice caps, and shifting tides and where to begin this repair and if it is beyond repair.

The TPP with the US and partner countries and agreeing countries to unite in a free trade environment and openess is a major shift if it is passed. The United States and its domestic Political shift and uncertainty around global trade and its stance with the 2016 presidential elections and its positioning in regards to the rest of the world with a new President. A Chinese economy that is slowing down for the first time in decades with millions of people loosing their jobs in certain industries placing more pressures on their central government with the need for more action and a push for more resources and an expanded military presence in the world and within the South China Sea.

A Russian state with a weakened economy and a global push to expand their presence into Europe and the Middle East and their own re-alignment to maintain their presence and importance. We here at Ho-O want to connect to this change and understand the paths to take and the opportunities that will open up as a result and stay in front of trends. We focus on areas such as Water and Iceberg Harvesting, Food Production, New Technologies, Property Development, Tasmania with Asian Trade.

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