Fashion consultancy


The First Consultation will be free

Our fashion experts here across several successful brands entering the Japan market place want to take your fashion name and look to a place of success in Japan unparalleled in the history of foreign brands and luxury brands entering into this difficult market.

This is a great time to enter Japan and access the big spending shopping group that is the Japanese consumer. Many brands have entered and they include many big names that have tried but failed. Our industry experienced local team are here on the ground ready to go deep into the mind set of the consumer and translate back for you what is necessary and what is needed for the ultimate gold standard for success. We will not waste your time, or monies and ask you to over invest to fail, but rather start with a serious upfront discussion of the difficulties and where the brand could begin and examine the steps and stages to success.

Our Clients are :

H&M, Limited Brands, BONDS, Lululemon, Roberto Botticeli, Abercrombie and Fitch, Richemont, Calzedonia, Desigual, Lorna Jane, Anne Valentine