Corporate Training Rooms

We have available a suite of meeting rooms, from small 2 people to larger conference rooms and event spaces of up to 100 people with catering facilities. Attached to these services are accomodation suites, with gym and sauna, and relaxation reading rooms and libraries. The facility is immediately close to an international supermarket, cafe, and then if you want to catch a train the closest is the Marounochi line which is 5 minutes walk allowing fast access to the rest of Tokyo. We are located in Tomihisa Cho which is within 5 minute walking distance to the beautiful and historic imperial gardens of Shinjuku Gyoenme Park. In another 10 minutes walk you will find yourself in one of the worlds most busiest train stations of Shinjuku and its wash of people, cafes, and shopping.

Please feel free to contact us for a reservation via our contact or comments pages, or email at