Ho-O means firebird or Phoenix in Japanese and represents the need for ‘change’ and ‘transition’.

At Ho-O we offer new ways of viewing key markets and industry with the desire to move businesses forward. We will offer calculated interpretations and higher sensibility and use our intuitive experience at managing the ‘change process’ required for a brand or new concept in the search for life on other planets and the realization of something more.


We connect people with the right people. Our aim is to see how your team and services works to make the connections and then ascertain within the local market what is appropriate for your organisation and the direction to take in strategy and in method to approach the Asian market and for the success of your business.


We will conduct interviews and meetings with you to see the current settings you have and then based on further research make suggestions. By working with your team members and pairing these views Ho-0 will then begin the process of basic build of strategy for entry based on you fully agreeing on a model we project.

The product line up, release of new services or products , and the start-up

Once we have fully understood your scope of services, internal settings of your business and applied our tools to the local market and its conditions to accept your range of services or product we then undertake steps to test the local market for you.

Feedback and results

Ho-0 will guarantee continuous communications and a flow of continual feedback on how the product or service is progressing and how things could improve or if there would be a better positioning in the marketplace. Our aim is to make sure there to be only positive results and feedback that can and will give you a realtime view on the ground and the best strategy to take towards success.


Market Research

We will conduct industry specific secondary and primary research as required.


We’ll explore and present your companies options for market entry.


We’ll organise and implement a small scale marketing and sales strategy on a small budget to test consumer response to the brand.


Upon deciding to invest in a full scale operation we will manage and implement all the steps required to get you set up and running.


We use our extensive network to find and support our clients in seeking further investment or partnerships in the target geographic market.


If you need additional financial support, we will help create a pitch and find investment in Asia on your behalf.

Meet the team

Singapore Director
Hong Kong Director
Business Development Manager
Creative Director

Further Collaborations


Indiegogo is a Launchpad for creative and entrepreneurial ideas of every shape and size. Visit the Ho-0 Do fund raising campaign.

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